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Can You Write A 1200 Word Essay In 1 Hour?

It is certainly hard but quite possible to write 1200 words in an hour. However, this can be done only if it’s a draft and editing is not going on at the same time. The editing can always be done later after the preparation of the initial draft. In fact, doing this will help in writing quicker.

  • Here, the writer needs to follow some basic rules. For instance,
  • If the writer is typing on a computer,
  • The speed should be faster than usual along with continuous and nonstop writing.
  • Apart from typing fast on the computer, the writer should be able to remove all the distractions that can hamper typing.

Here, nonstop and continuous writing is a key to draft 1200 words essay. Therefore, editing can always be done after the creation of an initial essay draft.

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