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If you want to check the past performance of our writers and see if the work they have produced so far is according to a certain standard you have in mind, then this is the place. Please browse through all the samples if you can and do come back for more as we regularly add new articles on various topics for our prospective clients to read. We hope you will appreciate the work we have provided here.

Accounting information system

B Bakery is an enterprise that deals with the production and supply of bread and confectionery products. The B Bakery has been undergoing the process of selection for its businesses. The major activities which are undertaken by the company include the baking activities. These activities are the core businesses of the organization since through …..Read more

Business Research and Sustainability

Every business needs to put in place effective strategies within its premise that will contribute to the achievement of the goals of an organization. The management of the firm should, therefore, be able to make sure that the performance of the enterprise is high, and the challenges which are being faced are low. In regard, it is wise for organizations to lay down…..Read More

Discounted cash flow analysis for Yahoo

All the figures in the DCF model are in US Dollars. The company’s value is well determined using the comparison of the characteristics. The entire DCF model is an investment analysis of Yahoo and it contains the values that are based on the current value of the projected cash flows to be generated by the company. The information is acquired from …..Read More

Emergency Response Management Plan

An emergency management plan can be said to be a kind of action that is developed to mitigate any damage that may result to malfunction of an organization (McGreevey & Alkenbrack, 2010). The management plan should provide the safety of the personnel and the property of the industry or organization. In addition, the plan should come up with a procedure …..Read More

Global Tobacco Control

Tobacco refers to a product obtained from the leaves of a tobacco plant and users ingest the drug in different ways such as smoking, chewing and sniffing (Méndez, Alshanqeety, & Warner, 2013). This drug causes harmful effects on the users and even those around them thus becoming a global issue (Egger, Spark, & Donovan, 2013). Having seen the …..Read More

Issues in Revenue Recognition

Law is one of the few professions that are sponsored by a state with a historical expectation of addressing publics’ and clients’ interests first. The profession is also charged with fiduciary and accountancy duties. From that perspective, law firms were not viewed as organizations with prevailing commercial logic. However, times have kept changing with various law firms…..Read More

Key Drivers and Motivations That Lead To Interstate Wars

Interstate wars involve states depending on the military to achieve goals that ordinarily would not have the military involved(Vayrynen, 2013). The key drivers and motivations behind interstate war can be fundamentally categorized into two – rational and irrational causes. Rational causes involve actors of war whose endeavor is to maximize the payoffs in light of the…..Read More

Market Structure, Differentiation and Wage Rates

Product differentiation provides consumers with a variety of products within a particular industry instead of homogenous products which are a characteristic of purely competitive markets. It provides welfare enhancing benefits which don’t only serve to provide that variety for its own sake but to make consumers buy the product of a company rather than that…..Read More

Mental Health Recovery

There is ample evidence that people living with mental problems can recover under favorable routine treatment and practices (Caputi, Oades, & Andresen, 2011, p. 194). However, there is a need for robust community education on the signs, symptoms, precautions and potential practices for the recovery. The program to reach families, consumers and the public on the…..Read More

Productivity and Comparative Advantage: Ricardian Model

Ricardo introduced the concept of comparative advantage in order to describe why nations engage in cross-border trade even when they can produce all goods more efficiently than other countries. The model describes trade benefits that countries gain from their differences in labor productivities. Ricardo states that a country or firm is said to have a comparative advantage…..Read More

Woolworths Foreign Market Entry

As a leading Australian supermarket with a vast coverage of the international market, Woolworth is known for its tactical internationalization strategies that have helped the company grow and succeed in most of its other location across the globe. While most countries the company identified for entering have proven to be profitable markets, each of these countries poses new and…..Read More

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