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The microbrewing company is located in Guelph Ont.  They brew and package seven brands of microbeer shipping the products within Southern Ont, Michigan and Quebec.  The beer is packaged in 6 packs of bottles. Demand is at a constant rate of 5400 bottles per day. Where 20 % goes to Michigan, 40 % to Quebec.  The fiscal year is from Jan to December.  In September and onward the overall production will increase by 20%.  All of that demand increase is for Southern Ontario.


  • Your space is 10,000 square feet, with 8 shipping / receiving docks
  • Office Staff 52 employees and 15 Operations employees.
  • Process:
  • Raw materials are combined in a malting and brewing process to produce wort which is fermented in tanks. Then the product is moved to an aging tank.  This aging takes 2 full days and we have 6 aging tanks.  All of the tanks have a capacity of making 1180 of 6 packs.
  • From the aging tanks, the product is blended to achieve desired alcohol content, filtered, and packaged.
  • Production: currently there is no waste, but talks have begun to increase capacity with newer aging tanks. This will increase production to 7080 bottles.  But there is 10% waste.

The main beers being produced are Lager, Ale & IPA

The following topics are my assignment requirements:

  1. Forecast of Demand for products or services for the next 12 months – forecasting method and how it will be monitored
  2. Operations planning – a thorough review of types of risks, impact upon on operations and contingency plans to put in place

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