How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay?

  • A conclusion is the final statement of a research paper or essay project that sums up its topic and findings.
  • It allows the audience to understand why the arguments stated by you are important to them.
  • The conclusion brings your essay to completion by driving the major ideas one more time at the ending phase.
  • As a writer, it presents your opportunity to attract readers and explain why your work or finding is important.
  • In brief, the end of an essay must respond to the questions, such as how, why, or then?  
  • Moreover, you need to leave your readers with some thought-provoking idea that is related to the main topic when they complete reading it.
  • Generally, a conclusion must bring your essay to closure and it is always a good idea to conclude it on a brighter thought.
  • It is an important thing to note that while writing the conclusion of the essay, you do not add or includes new or any other idea or thought. Therefore, you are only supposed to conclude your thesis statement.
  • In brief, you can say that conclusion repeats the argument, examine the content of the essay, and offers closure to the audience with something to consider or think about.
  • An excellent conclusion reiterates the argument mentioned at the beginning rather than revises.
  • A solid conclusion should be no more than two to three sentences long and it must bring ideas or thoughts to a close rather than introducing fresh ones.

Key Elements in the Conclusion of Essay:

  1. Rephrase the argument by using different terms to make the same point.
  2. Examine your supplementary thoughts.
  3. To do so, recap all of your points by summing up why you demonstrated your hypothesis.
  4. Return to the thesis statement topic and link your concluding point to the introductory sentence.
  5. Integrate a thought-provoking yet positive idea to reach a more comprehensive and stronger conclusion.

Structure of the Conclusion Section in Essay

The number of paragraphs within the main body of the essay generally determines the total sentences in the conclusion phase.

Format of the Conclusion Statement:

Begin with a Conclusion

It is the beginning phrase that restates your essay’s argument. You do not have to write about any new idea and you can simply go back and rewrite your topic sentences.  

Synopsis of the key Points

In this part, you will have to summarize the main statement by using two to three sentences and also determine how they relate to each other.

Final Phrase

Here, you need to write the concluding phrase of essay, give closing remarks, and link the audience towards the opening statement.

Features of writing conclusion in an essay:

  • Finish the essay on a strong note.
  • Emphasize the significance of your thoughts and the topic.
  • Give the audience a feel of completion.
  • Your essential ideas should be reiterated and highlighted.
  • Rewrite your hypothesis and afterward reiterate it.