How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is one of the types of essays in which the writer holds a stance on a specific topic. Moreover, an effective argumentative essay aims to convince audiences to comprehend and accept an author’s viewpoint on a subject by expressing his rationale and giving proof to substantiate it. Generally, argumentative essays must have a structured methodology that is simple for an audience to comprehend. The purpose of this type of essay is to firmly establish a standpoint, logic, and proof. The solid argumentative essay must have the following format:


How to Write the Introduction of an Essay - Owlcation

The opening statement of the essay must define the subject, give additional context required to comprehend your point, summarize the proof you will offer, and establish an argument.

Thesis Statement:

It is supposed to be a brief synopsis of the primary issue and argument. It is included in the first paragraph of the essay.

Main Body’s Paragraphs:

A standard argumentative essay is organized into a minimum of three paragraphs that describe why you endorse the topic. Every paragraph must address a new concept or bit of proof and include the main point which describes how an audience must accept your given argument in a simple and straightforward manner. In these paragraphs, you must be including all the content that supports your argument such as statistics, data, facts, or references. Here, you need to state evidence and analyze an issue from all perspectives which offer a strong pillar and help you acquire the attention of your audience.

Last Section – Conclusion:

It is generally the last paragraph that reiterates your topic and concludes each of the main paragraphs. A perfect ending also can connect to an audience’s sensibilities instead of providing fresh information or further ideas. Therefore, in certain situations, authors may give a unique narrative to show how well the issue impacts people directly.

Features of Argumentative Essay

  • Try to make the subject into something like a query that can be responded to as well.
  • Inside the headline of the thesis or into the next initial words, in the beginning, you need to pose a significant problem.
  • Therefore, in the topic sentence, you require to lead up to addressing this problem.
  • For instance, in the topic or prologue, you may ask a question and then respond to it afterward.
  • Such a technique is efficient since pressing discussions entices people to continue to read in order to figure out the argument.

Key Elements to keep in Mind While Writing Argumentative Essay:

  • Write a credible as well as precise theory that can be based on the fact
  • Include a diverse set of findings from trusted references
  • Develop awareness and justification of contrary views in a polite manner
  • Use linguistic tone that is acceptable for the topic as well as readers
  • A conclusion that appropriately summarizes the article while also reinforcing the thesis