How to Write a Good Essay?

Many people believe that writing essays are as straightforward as spending time at the laptop and starting to compose in a word document. However, there is much greater thinking as well as planning that goes into proper essay writing. If you’ve never written a paper previously, or whether you find it difficult with an essay and would like to strengthen your abilities, it’s a wise decision to go through a few yet significant key tips and thoroughly understand how to write and come up with a good essay.

To Write a Good Essay, for Instance, you Generally need to go Through these Processes: 

  1. Determine what essay type you want to write on
  2. Explore and brainstorm your topic
  3. Conduct thorough research on it   
  4. Select a writing format or style
  5. Create a thesis statement, plan, and then compose an essay

In order to further improve the essay, you might have to go through an additional task of editing and proofreading as well. 

Select the Type of Essay:

One of the initial steps is to determine the style or type of essay you want to write on. There are generally four types of essays on which you may be required to work on which are as follows:

  • Narrative Essay 
  • Persuasive Essay 
  • Expository Essay
  • Descriptive Essay

Explore ideas and Select Topic:

You can’t simply draft an essay until you know what you’re going to write on. Brainstorming is the act of exploring various ideas and then later finalizing the one that you would like to work on. In case if you are having trouble coming up with a thesis topic, you can always contact your teachers and receive support in this regard.

Conduct thorough research:   

After you’ve completed the brainstorming and picked the subject, you may have to conduct additional research in order to write a quality essay. For the research purpose on the selected topic, you can go to the online platform and try to gather as much relevant information, data, facts, references, and resources about it.  

Select a Style or Format of Writing:   

Generally, your instructor or the subject of a project can influence the writing format or style you use in the essay. In particular, there are three major types of forms of writing that you may find in academic institutions. 

  • American Psychological Association 
  • Modern Language Association
  • Chicago Manual of Style 

Construct a Thesis Statement  

The primary element of an essay is the thesis statement which is usually developed through one phrase or sentence that explains the overall idea of the topic.

Create an Outline

This phase defines what you’re planning to write on. This implies that you should create the framework of your essay. An overview may help make sure that the work is coherent, structured, and goes appropriately.  

Pursue the Essay

After you’ve created a plan, it’s time to initiate and begin writing. Compose your essay in a structured manner by following your outline.